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Ghislaine Maxwell petitions judge over jail restrictions, citing 'onerous conditions' related to Jeffrey Epstein's suicide

Attorneys for Ghislaine Maxwell asked a federal judge on Monday to direct the Bureau of Prisons to release her into the general population of the federal facility where she's incarcerated, saying she has been "held under uniquely onerous conditions" in the wake of last year's jailhouse death of her former boyfriend and alleged accomplice, Jeffrey Epstein.

11th, August 2020, 01:51pm

Trump calls Biden weak on China, then stops short of condemning Beijing

In a pair of interviews on Tuesday, President Donald Trump railed against his competitor for being weak on China -- but stopped short himself of condemning China's repression of its Uyghur ethnic minority or its crackdown on political freedoms in Hong Kong.

11th, August 2020, 12:58pm
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