Please Touch Museum


The first museum in the country to specifically target children ages seven and under, the Please Touch Museum is one of Philadelphia’s premiere destinations for children’s entertainment, and a must-visit in terms of interactive excitement.  First opened in 1976, it has quickly grown into one of the most popular family venues in the nation, and aims to “enrich the lives of children by creating learning opportunities through play”.

    Please Touch Museum Philadelphia


This Philadelphia museum persuades youngsters to grow and develop by engaging them in educational recreation that helps to foster basic life skills.  These unique activities cover essential developmental topics such as cooperation, compromise, relationships and negotiation, in addition to helping the children discover new interests. 


The Please Touch Museum believes that play is a vital outlet for developing minds, and offers structured, process-driven ways for its young guests to further creativity and problem-solving skills


Some of the Please Touch Museum’s featured exhibits:


City Capers

This city planning-themed exhibit helps children to develop an understanding of architecture and form an initial concept of what makes up a neighborhood.  Highlights include the ShopRite Supermarket and the set/props from the popular local children’s television show Captain Noah & His Magical Ark.


Roadside Attractions

This highway-themed exhibit allows children to explore the concept of driving and road travel, taking the notion of transportation and deconstructing it into experiences that involve engineering, design and role-playing.


Liberty Arm & Torch Exhibit

This exhibit features an impressive 40-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty’s arm and torch fashioned completely out of games, toys and various found objects complied by local artist Leo Sewell.  This visually stunning piece of art provides a great way to teach children about American history.


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Tel: (215) 581-3181



Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park

4231 Avenue of the Republic

Philadelphia, PA 19131


Hours Of Operation

Open 7 days per week


Monday – Saturday: 9am–5pm

Sunday:  11am-5pm


Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day